The Elegant Infuser ball


Elevate Your Tea Experience: Deluxe Tea Ball with Two Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Immerse yourself in a refined and effortless tea ritual with our Deluxe Tea Ball, now bundled with two exquisite bags of loose leaf teas. The ample size of the tea ball allows for a generous infusion of tea leaves, and its secure clamp design ensures easy addition and removal of leaves. Transform your daily tea-making routine into a luxurious experience with the gleaming gold finish and an elegant tassel that adds a touch of sophistication. Simplify and enhance your tea-time with this stunning Deluxe Tea Steeper, now paired with premium loose leaf teas for an unparalleled sipping adventure.


  1. Large size for ample tea leaves
  2. Clamp style for easy addition and disposal of tea leaves
  3. Elegant high-quality gold finish
  4. Beautiful tassel design
  5. Enhances daily tea-making ritual