About Us

At Teamancy (Tea-ah-mancy), we're on a flavorful journey to redefine your tea experience. Nestled in the heart of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada; we take immense pride in crafting loose leaf teas that are nothing short of extraordinary. Our blends are like stories waiting to be tasted, where fruits, herbs, and spices come together in a mesmerizing dance of flavors.

As a Canadian, woman-owned small business, we're driven by a passion for the uncommon and the exceptional. Our teas are a testament to our love for innovation. We take classics like the Earl of Breton, a playful twist on the timeless Earl Grey, or the invigorating Cape Breton Breakfast, your perfect morning companion.

Each batch is a work of art, carefully curated to surprise and delight your senses. Step into our world of intriguing, unusual, and wonderfully peculiar blends that promise to ignite your taste buds and redefine your tea ritual.