Custom blended tea


The ultimate in luxury - a tea that is custom blended for you and only you.

I take your tea dreams - and make them a reality. 

I take your favorite flavors and preferences; and blend, tweak, and taste until a euphoric creation emerges.

To create the tea you have in mind, I begin by crafting five variations. Then I send them out for you to assess, ensuring you get the tea that suits your taste the best. 

I then take your feedback to blend an individual full batch - just for you. 

This exclusive tea is yours alone - but of course, I keep the recipe in the archive for you when you are ready for more.

Due to the time-intensive nature of blending a custom tea, I only take on a few custom orders per month.  

Process - After purchasing: 

  1. We will contact you by email or phone to discuss your custom tea. 
  2.  We blend the first testers of tea
  3.  Receive the testers in the mail - taste them and pick your favorite
  4. We blend a full batch of the tea (100+grams)
  5. We send you the gift-wrapped final tea, with an Archive and limited edition card.

Note: We can mail or email a custom tea gift certificate if you are purchasing this as a gift