Garden Pomegranate


Indulge in the enchanting embrace of our Garden Pomegranate tea, a delicate dance of cummer captured in every sip. This exquisite blend features the gentle touch of white tea, adorned with the luscious sweetness of ripe pear, succulent strawberries, and the authentic crunch of dried pomegranate seeds. A symphony of fruity delights, complemented by ethereal notes of citrus and a hint of lavender, creates a tea experience that whispers of sunshine and warmth. Let each cup transport you to a blissful garden where the essence of summer is forever captured in the delicate infusion of Garden Pomegranate.

Flavor notes:

Soft, Fruity, Ripe

White tea, dried strawberry, dried pear, dried pomegranate seeds, lavender, lemon peel, natural and artificial flavors