Strawberry Srùbag


Introducing "Strawberry Srùbag," an exclusive tea in collaboration with "Highland Village" – an outdoor living history museum celebrating Nova Scotia's Gaelic folk-life, culture, and language. This delightful black tea blend is a tribute to the highlands of Cape Breton island, capturing the essence of wild strawberries and meadows overlooking the serene Bras d'Or Lake.

Savor the taste of the highlands with every sip, as the fruity flavors of strawberries and the gentle sweetness of wild clover envelop your senses. "Strawberry Srùbag" is a journey through time, bringing to life the natural beauty and rich heritage of Cape Breton.

As you indulge in this tea, you'll feel transported to the picturesque landscapes of Highland Village, where the meadows and wild strawberries create a truly enchanting experience. Embrace the Highland spirit and savor the magic of Cape Breton in each cup of "Strawberry Srùbag."

Flavor Notes

Strawberry, Herbal, Fruity


Black tea, dried strawberries (strawberries, sugar, sulphur dioxide, citric acid, strawberry flavor, red allura), clover tops, cherry bark, lemon myrtle, natural and artificial flavors