The Korean Beauty Secret- Omija

I spent six years living in South Korea, which was not nearly long enough. As you can imagine, the food was beyond delicious. I could eat bowls of Dolsot Bibimbap. If you ever visit, take a stroll around Insadong, it's an area in Seoul famous for traditional goods, and restaurants, and tea shops! The tea shops are quite possibly my favorite (Although the Buddist restaurants are a very close second). They grow tea in Korea, so the tea at tea shops are of amazing quality. It is the traditional drinks that attract me to the tea shops. There are two in particular; Sujeonggwa - a rich cinnamon tea, and Omija - the five flavor berry.

Omija (Also called Schisandra), is famous for hitting all five tastes (sweet, salty, sour, pungent, and bitter). With a description like that you might be horrified; bitter, pungent, salty tea?????
It has this wonderful tart taste. It reminds me of hibiscus and brews up a gorgeous soft pink.

The real reason to drink Omija tea is all the health benefits it's supposed to have!
beautifies the skin
Helps the body resist anxiety and stress
Helps Alzheimer's
Helps liver disease
It's even included in many Korean skincare products (especially the really expensive ones.) That's why we included it in our Beau-tea, so you can get the ancient secret of Korean beauty, in your teacup.


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