Tea Lover's Deluxe Steeper Set


Searching for a thoughtful gift for the tea enthusiast in your life? Our Deluxe Steeper Set is a luxurious treat, perfect for any occasion. This set includes an exquisite gold mesh strainer designed with carefully spaced perforations, allowing loose-leaf tea leaves to unfurl fully while elegantly containing delicate chamomiles and herbal blends.

Elevate your tea-making experience with the accompanying gold tea scoop, ensuring the ideal measure for your favorite blends. The set also includes a stylish carrying bag, making it convenient to enjoy your tea ritual anywhere.

The highlight of this deluxe set is your choice of two premium loose-leaf teas. Select from our diverse range of flavors to suit your taste and mood. Whether you prefer the timeless richness of black tea, the soothing comfort of herbal infusions, or the delicate notes of green tea, the choice is yours.

Make every cup a moment of indulgence with this versatile and stylish set. Order your Tea Lover's Deluxe Steeper Set today and savor the richness of your chosen teas all year round.


Fine mesh tea steeper with saucer/lid
Tea Scoop
Carrying pouch
Tea Choice 1
Tea Choice 2


Tea Steeper


• High-performing construction and design, perfect for indulgent brewing

• Delights your sense with sumptuous gold and premium quality materials

• Rounded handles make transporting convenient and easy

• Superfine mesh ensures tea doesn't escape 

• High-sided saucer/lid

• Reusable, meaning you can drink tea all day while still being environmentally friendly.