Compostable tea bags


Elevate your loose leaf tea ritual with our environmentally conscious Compostable Tea Bags. Thoughtfully packaged in plastic-free compostable material, these tea bags are the perfect addition to your loose leaf tea purchase.  Each box contains 20 tea bags, providing a convenient and sustainable way to enjoy your favorite loose leaf teas. Make your tea moments even more special with this thoughtful and eco-conscious choice.


Eco-Friendly: Our tea bags are crafted from fully compostable, unbleached paper, ensuring a sustainable and Earth-friendly brewing experience.

Spacious Design: Embrace the full flavor potential of your loose leaf teas. Our large-sized tea bags provide ample room for tea leaves to expand, allowing a rich and flavorful infusion.

Easy to Fill: The large opening ensures a hassle-free filling process. Simply scoop in your favorite loose leaf tea, making every preparation a breeze.

No Mess Cinching: Our tea bags feature a secure cinching mechanism, preventing any loose tea from escaping during steeping. Enjoy a mess-free brewing experience every time.