Pear & Ginger

Find comfort and serenity with every sip of our Pear & Ginger tea, the ultimate tummy tea designed to soothe even the most sensitive stomachs. Combining the stomach-settling properties of ginger, catnip (known for its calming effect on upset stomachs), and chamomile, this tea blend is perfect for enjoying any time of the day when you need a little extra comfort. Pear & Ginger features a gorgeous fusion of spicy ginger and fragrant pear, resulting in a cup of tea that is fruity, vibrant, and incredibly soothing. Let the warm and inviting aroma of Pear & Ginger envelop your senses, and experience the calming and restorative benefits that this tea has to offer. Discover the ultimate blend of wellness and indulgence with our Pear & Ginger tea.

Flavor notes:
Pear, Ginger, Mellow, Warming


Catnip, Chamomile, Dried pear, Ginger, Calendula petals, Natural and artificial flavors