Banana Bread

Embark on a cozy journey with our Banana Bread Black Tea, a delightful infusion that captures the essence of warm, freshly baked goodness. This unique black tea is a comforting blend with the rich flavors of banana bread, complete with real pieces of banana and a hint of cinnamon. Immerse yourself in the heartwarming aroma as each sip unfolds the inviting taste of a beloved classic. Indulge in the unique coziness of Banana Bread Black Tea, a perfect companion for those seeking the embrace of a familiar, delightful flavor in every cup.

Flavor notes: 

Fruity, Banana, Baked goods, Rich


Black tea, Honeybush, Dried Banana (Bananas, Coconut oil, Sugar and Banana flavor), Cinnamon, Calendula petals, Natural and artificial flavors