Strawberry Pie

Indulge in the wild allure of our Strawberry Pie tea. The harmonious blend of cinnamon, strawberry, hibiscus, and honeybush dances on your palate, creating a delightful symphony of tart and warm baked goodness. Sip it hot or iced; this caffeine-free tisane transforms into a sweet masterpiece with every soothing infusion!

Flavor notes:

Warm, Fruity, Cinnamon, Pie

Notes for the creator:
This is my mom's absolute favorite tea! She drinks mostly herbal teas and has tried many, many, many herbal tisanes. Why does she like it so much?
"It's an unexpected twist, and it's a mix of spicy and sweet with the cinnamon and strawberry. And it's delicious" - Megan's mom


Honeybush, dried strawberries, hibiscus, cinnamon bark, turmeric, natural and artificial flavors