Steep in Style Glass Steeper


Indulge in the beauty and luxury of a perfectly steeped tea with our gorgeous glass and cork steeper. Experience the magic of watching your tea leaves bloom and infuse your cup with rich, aromatic flavors. Perfect for large leaf teas, this elegant steeper allows you to steep the perfect cup every time. Its generous size and stunning design make it the ideal addition to any tea lover's collection.


  1. Glass tube: Allows you to see the tea leaves bloom as they steep.
  2. Cork stopper: Secures the tea leaves in the steeper and prevents them from spilling into your cup.
  3. Large size: Ideal for steeping a larger amount of tea.
  4. Tassel: Adds an elegant touch to the steeping process.
  5. Test tube style: Unique and stylish design that looks beautiful in your cup.
  6. Easy to use: Simply add tea leaves, insert into your cup, and pour in hot water.
  7. Convenient: The cork stopper makes it easy to dispose of the used tea leaves after steeping.