How to steep white teas

white tea steeping instructions

White teas are very delicate, a bad steep can become bitter or flavorless. Worse, as white teas are the most expensive type of tea - a bad cup is a waste of money!

When steeping white teas - use more tea. White tea tends to be unrolled leaves, making it much larger when dry. So use more tea for each cup than you would a black or green tea. 

White teas are very delicate - and can burn/ become bitter easily. It is best to steep them at a lower temperature. I usually use 175F.

Steep time - if your temperature is low, steep time is a bit more flexible. Try steeping the tea for a minute, then take a small sip. If it is not flavorful enough let it steep for 15 second intervals.

This is the recipe for getting the best flavor out of your white teas!


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